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25+ Reasons to legalize Cannabis in India

Here is a list of strong reasons to legalize cannabis in India.

The list is not meant to re-educate you. But for you to share with friends and family who doesn’t know the benefits of using Cannabis.

This is a work by “The Great Legalization Movement, India”.

#1 Cannabis has superior healing qualities.

The Cannabis flower produce compounds which have high medicinal value. It can cure and control hundreds of diseases.

It is known as Bhaang in Ayurveda and has been recognized as a medicine for over 3500 years.

Modern Scientific Research has proven that it cures and controls many diseases like cancer, HIV, autism, epilepsy, chronic and acute pains, muscular and neurological conditions, mental disorders, metabolic diseases, and hundreds of other conditions.

Cannabis is a natural health solution naturally available to all of us.

#2 It’s a preventative medicine.

The medicinal compounds found in cannabis flower can bring the body to homeostasis state.

Many illness like diabetes, blood pressure, hormone imbalances, immunity deficiencies, chemical changes in the brain are due to imbalances in person’s health which leads to constant suffering.

A homeostasis state is where the body arrives and remains in a balanced state which can be easily achieved through the medicinal compounds found in the cannabis flower.

Regular doses of small quantity of cannabis can prevent many diseases.

#3 We should have our right to medicine.

Cannabis has a history of being used as a medicine and it is scientifically proven to cure plenty of diseases and illnesses.

The prohibition of this medicinal plant and restriction of access to it violates our fundamental right to life. This prohibition is highly unconstitutional and it is affecting the lives of millions of people, especially among those who are suffering from horrible diseases, who do not have access to a natural and an effective from of relief.

#4 Doctors should have the right to heal using the plant.

When a person chooses to heal people who are suffering,he/she has all the rights to use the plants and other products that nature provides, and make the use of it.

It is the duty and moral responsibility of every doctor to use any means that are safe, effective and affordable by all,to heal their patients.

#5 It's a natural stress reliever.

The leading cause of most diseases is stress. Being in a stressful state, disorients the mind-body mechanism, which eventually leads to many diseases.

Cannabis is one of the best medicinal options to create an effectively de-stressed state of mind.

#6 It's time to eradicate toxic pharmaceuticals.

Majority of pharmaceutical companies today produce synthetic drugs which have horrible side effects and causes more harm to the patients rather than curing their condition.

Many of these drugs are tested on animals who live under very horrible conditions. It is needless to say that this industry is unethical and highly immoral.

Many of the drugs enter the market without proper cure rates or clinical trials.lncomplete medicines which is synthetic and has terrible testing methods with low cure rates are sold to our people at extremely high costs.

Cannabis is wholesome medicine used for thousands of years. It has no known harmful side effects. It needs no animal testing when used naturally.

It can completely cure or help efficiently control hundreds of diseases.

This wild growing and freely available medicine from nature heals the body,mind and spirit of a person,all at the same time.

#7 Hemp fibres are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Apart from it's medicinal properties, there is another variant of cannabis which products no intoxication but has great industrial benefits. This variant of cannabis is known as Hemp.

Cannabis Hemp produces a superior fibre which is known to be one of the most durable plant fibres in the plant kingdom.

It also produces the maximum amount of cellulose and the highest biomass per acre in comparison to any other plant.

The combination of these three things can help up replace many of the toxic products in our society whose production,processing or recycling pose a significant threat to our environment.

The future of the world is bio-products,and there is no other crop in the same league as Cannabis Hemp.

#8 Hemp has over 50,000 applications.

Every part of the plant can be used to replace our current products of consumption which are all ecologically destructive.

Our global consumption of crude oil,coal,cement, petroleum plastics,wood paper,cotton,etc. is destroying most of our natural resources.

Hemp is the most effective solution. From furniture to plastics, medicines to cosmetics,highly nutritious super food to healing medicines, fuels to bio-batteries.
Cannabis crop is estimated to be a trillion dollar industry.

#9 Hemp products are eco-friendly.

Hemp fibreboard will preserve our forests.

Hemp paper can save millions of trees that are cut for pulp.

Hemp textile lead to no toxicity mixing in our soil and the underground water bed, unlike cotton which requires large amounts of wayand is one of the most chemical consuming crop on the planet.

Hemp bio-plastic is bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

Hemp bio-fuel reverses green house effect instead of causing it, as crude oil does.

Hemp bio-cement requires no heat to produce which stops further global warming.

Hemp bio-batteries are safer and more efficient that lithium batteries.

Hemp bio-cosmetics are safer, healthier and require no animal testing.

#10 It's a great alternative to synthetic products.

All synthetic products require lot of chemicals during their production and processing stage. Be it plastic or nylon, these products have no bio-degradable value and damage the environment during their production, processing or disposals.

There synthetic products have become a significant threat to many life forms.

#11 Hemp answers all the basic needs of man.

The basic needs of man are water, air, food, shelter, clothing and happiness.

Hemp is a highly nutritious food source. It makes durable textiles. It builds strong shelters. When cultivated on a large scale, we don't have any need of these toxic industries which endanger our water,soil & air.
It has the potential to create thousands of bio-products.

It is also the source of happiness for millions of people across the world, is one of the most basic needs of humanity.

#12 It can eradicate unemployment.

Millions of nee potential jobs in,
• Agriculture
• Research
• Manufacturing
• Processing
• Small and large scale industries
• Recycling
• Transport
• Packaging
• Trade
• Commercial businesses and many more.

#13 Hemp industries reverse population densities in cities.

Most of the people who migrate to big cities, are leaving everything behind so that can earn a better living and create a better life foy themselves or their loved ones.

With the hemp plant promising easy money and a better and less stressful work profile, it is only a matter of time before thousands of smart villages sprout across India which are all powered by small scale and large scale Hemp industries.

This way, the population can be well distributed and it can lead to a safer and a sustainable growth of the nation.

#14 It empowers farmers.

The majority of the human population today consumes products related to food, shelter, clothes, medicines, wood, paper, plastic, fuel, power, batteries, etc.

All of these industries of mass consumption, are each worth over hundreds of billions of dollars globally.

Hemp can produce a better iteration of the products presently used in all of these industries which is sader for us and our planet. This means that over 90% of the products that we consume today, can be replaced by a single plant and it's derivatives.

Thus,this plant plays a significant role in changing the lives of millions of farmers as they can benefit directo by being the resource for hundreds of different industries.

#15 Hemp food & food products can solve nutritional crisis

Hemp seeds are found to be one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet.

It is over 33%proteines and all the fatty acids that are essential for our body.

No other single plant source provides complete proteins in such an easily digestible form.
This vital source of nutrition is essential to curbing malnutrition in India and other countries across the world.

#16 Foundation of the next Hemp economy.

The largest occupation of India is agriculture, which constitutes to over 60% of the country's population.

Agriculture is a non-taxable profession. However, when Hemp is introduced back into the society as a taxable crop, every acre of arable land has the potential to become a property that boosts the economy.

A trillion dollar industry supported by a taxable crop can be the future of our nation, which will change the lives of billions of people, create millions of jobs to create thousands of application and also cure hundreds of diseases at the same time.

Cannabis (Hemp) is the key to one of the most significant economic leaps that India needs to leverage in the foreseeable future.

#17 We have the right to protect the earth.

As beings who belong to this planet. We have every right to protect the earth, our only home.

But unfortunately, the act of protecting our home comes from growing, producing and consuming only eco-friendly products.

Hemp is the most excellent eco-friendly alternative to all our needs, but it is prohibited without any justification.

Criminalising the act of growing this planet is against our duties of protecting our only home and the many billions of our fellow earthings.

"I don't know if this plant can save the world . But it is only thing that can"
- Jack Herer.

#18 Don't encourage yellow journalism.

Laws are supposed to make sense and help to creay better societies.

When laws are based on lies and propaganda, it warrants the need to be removed as soon as possible.

This is especially true when it affects the lives of billions of people.

The prohibition of this plant is based on lies and propaganda adopted from the international governments of countries that are now legalising it themselves.

#19 It doesn't deserve a non-bailable offence.

It is our universal right to use everything that nature has given us. Mother nature answered all our needs through this one plant.

Such mis-information, corruption and the globally prevalent trend of bad governance are collectively responsible for categorising one of the most useful plants and a medicinal herb, as a schedule one drug alongside a list of genuinely toxic and lethal chemical.

According to the law, one can be arrested with a non-bailable offence for growing, using or trading this plant.

Adding Cannabis under the NDPS law has made life miserable for millions of people, especially for those living in the Himalayan regions where their only source of income is through Hemp.

#20 It can help reduce organised drug trade.

For thousands of years, Cannabis has been used a medicinal plant, spiritual tonic and to produce many domestic products.

Prohibition of the plant has apparently not worked, and it has given birth to the organised drug trade.

The plant matter that is used for smoking is being adulterated or poisoned with harmful chemicals to produce a 'stronger experience'.
People who could have had access to a safer herb are now faced with the threat of consuming something highly toxic and possibly lethal in an attempts to cure themselves, putting the lives of millions of Cannabis users at risk.

Organised drug trades help catalyse black money, crime and many other illegal activities.
The way to destroy this organised drug trade is to legalise the plant, regulate the use of its products, and to use the tax money thus generated to Produce a better society for everyone to live in.

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