Amazing Animals That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist ❀❀😱😱

Here is a rare collection of the rarest animals on earth. Nature is amazing!

#1 This is a “Cheetah King”, a strange genetic mutation

#2 The Camouflage of the phalera bucefala

#3 This giant forest gecko of new Caledonia (crested leachianus)

This giant forest gecko of new Caledonia (crested leachianus) looks like a little dinosaur

#4 a vampire infernalis

This looks like a little fantasmin, it's a vampire infernalis. It's a species of mollusk mollusk of the order vampyromorphida.

#5 An elegant breed of domestic rabbit

The English lop is an elegant breed of domestic rabbit that was developed in England, in the nineteenth century through selective breeding, and is believed to be the first race of rabbits rabbits developed by humans.

#6 Sugar Glider (P Breviceps) baby

It's a sugar falangero, it's usually nocturnal and feeds on nectar and flowers but doesn't make insects, native to Indonesia are very fast on trees and their natural predators are varied.

#7 Marine Iguana. 😍 Amblyrhynchus cristatus

These are the only lizards on our planet that feed on the ocean and are very sensitive to climate change. They are based exclusively on seaweed for their food and die quickly as the water heats up too much. It's the only species of its genre

#8 wombat

This is a wombat, also known as uΓ³mbats or wombats, are some marsupials that only live in Australia and are characterized by digging burrows thanks to their claws and powerful teeth, similar to those of a rodent.
In particular this photo is from Patrick when he turned 29 years old.


They live in the forests of Asia. They measure 20 to 26 cm long and thanks to some membranes can plan from one tree to another. They reach to plan a few meters away but they have registered plans of up to 60 meters losing only 10 meters of altitude.

#10 The Savannah cat

The Savannah cat is an exotic domestic cat breed that was developed by mating between the domestic cat and African servals. A serval is a wild cat living in the sheets. This habitat inspired the name of the Savannah.

#11 stubborn turtle

A strange orange turtle found in the jungle of Vietnam. This is a stubborn turtle or turtle turtle (platysternon megacephalum).
#Funfact: these turtles can't keep their head inside their shell.

#12 oriental pygmy martΓ­n

The Oriental Fisherman or oriental pygmy martΓ­n (ceyx erithaca), is located mainly south of Asia.

#13 Pony Mini Shetland 😍

It's one of the smallest pony breeds that exist (90-110 cm. Height). It is originally from the Shetland Islands, located northwest of Scotland. This race of horses presents a diverse color: Brown, Light Brown, white and black, etc. It's one of the strongest ponies and it's very hairy.

#14 Dragon Black

Varanus Salvator also known as dragon black. Belongs to the komodo dragon family. You can measure 3 M and reach 20 kg.

#15 Pink Maple Butterfly (Dryocampa Ruddy)

#16 Vaquita Marina

This animal is called "Vaquita Marina" (spectacled sinus) and unfortunately there are only about 12 copies in the world.
In 2015, its total population was 97 copies.

#17 The Vietnamese moss frog 😯😍

It receives its name for its skin full of green and brown lumps, which look like the moss that grows in the tree trunks. The costume is perfect: the frog often stays still in a branch holding its sticky fingers to go unnoticed. Females grow generally more than males, and when they feel threatened they are huddle forming a ball so they seem to be dead.

#18 Smaug Giganteus

Smaug Giganteus of the family cordylidae that inhabits the sheets of South Africa

#19 A moth during its mating season. 😯

It Inhabits Southeast Asia and Northern Australia whose scientific name is creatonotos gangis.

Only the males of the particular moth have those "Tentacles" (called coremata) that emit a smell that attracts females

#20 A strange copy of an albino raven.

They can be found in Kerala, Southwest of India, although they can also be seen in the city of oda - shimane in Japan. #Biology
Photo by: Devlin Gandy

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