Spike Jonze’s ‘HER’ is a movie which is set in  an utopian city,that is Los Angeles in the next century or likely next decade maybe,where people are content with the the real human like comfort that an AI based technology is likey to provide in not so distant future. The movie is starring Joaquin Pheonix who plays Theodore Twombly a gentleman in the movie ,who is leading a very unhappening and a slightly melancholic life post the seperation with his wife. He happens to see an advertisement about the OS,and soon purchases it. The OS surprisingly becomes an ideal companion to Theodore. The OS has a female voice which is quite husky and appealing thatit feels so humane throughout the movie though it is disembodied. The female voice is given by Scarlett Johansson and this voice is one of the main factors that makes the movie feel so real and connected and yet too sophisticated. We see people walking around with airpods emebedded to them as of a limb and talking to themselves throughtout the movie whcih depcits how far the technology has grown and how it has become so natural that it does not seem so odd at all.The The bond between Theodore and Samantha(as the OS calls itself) grows strong and Theodore finds complete satisfaction,comfort,love and everything he need in this OS. The OS reminds Theodore of his chores,office works and makes conversations with him about all the aspects of his life. Eventually Theodore and Samantha falls in love. The security and comfort he feels with the OS is just felt while watching the movie. And all these drama until Theodore realises that OS is in a relationshp with thousands of other people(LOL). The movie beautifully potrays, the shortcomings and all other aspects of human relationshps,the state of an alienated person,how desperately we look for someone to be with,how we as humans will always find comfort in cohabiting with our partners. No matter how technologically sophisticated we become or how much of materialistic comfort we acquire,a man will always look for a shoulder to lean on,to share,and to celebrate life.

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Written by Mariyam Majeed

Coder by profession,and drteams to be a writer. Has a thing for music,books and all things vintage. Tried reading some great books and left it halfway.Can be found doing absolutely nothing most of the time. Been a Harry Potter fan all my life and recently started fangirling Arundhathi Roy. Here to share some of my interests with the world!


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