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These vintage AIR INDIA Advertisements are awesome!!

We just stumbled upon this rare collection of vintage Air India ads. The artwork really needs to be appreciated here, given how many years back this goes. While it is true that some of these may be considered as encouraging stereotypes today, but you’ve gotta love the power of branding that an Indian brand was […] More

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This girl filled his stomach and heart ❤️

She is a super stars   This kid noticed a homeless man sitting outside on the street from her table in a cozy restaurant. She got hurt watching him. with the permission from her parents, this cute little girl walked towards this old man and handed over her plate of food. He was shocked and […] More

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25+ Reasons to legalize Cannabis in India

Here is a list of strong reasons to legalize cannabis in India. The list is not meant to re-educate you. But for you to share with friends and family who doesn’t know the benefits of using Cannabis. This is a work by “The Great Legalization Movement, India”. More

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