Religion; a question mark??

Being born in a Hindu family I have always been taught by some of the clan members never to marry a person,belonging to some other religion because according to Hindu mythology it is a sin to marry a person from a different religion ( but in reality there is nothing like that written anywhere in Hindu vedas),because the society around won’t accept it and if somehow someone dares to love or marry a person, belonging to other religion he/she will have to  abandon his/her respective family forever or they will disown him/her as well.  

Now my question is does love happen on conditions?are we ourselves not the society?don’t we people ourselves form a society as per our convenience? Does Almighty really put us on  this planet with tags of religion? Isn’t having a sensible , sensitive and a magnanimous nature with a benevolent and generous attitude towards all living beings,not enough for a person to be judged in this world?to add some more to that if a person is perfect at almost everything then where is the need for him /her to be judged whether he /she is a Hindu or a Muslim, Christian or Buddhist or Sikh?and above all if two people are happy being together and want to spend the rest of their lives together, who are others to stop them from living a happier life or to criticise them on their face or behind their back?is it really sensible to judge people on the basis of religion in this 21 st century , when people have even reached the  other planets? Are we doing right thing to teach our children to cope with only the people of our natal faith? Are we really being sensible by not  loving people for what they are rather than which religion they belong to ?For me no person is good or bad it is his/her good or bad nature that defines a person, not the religion he/she belongs to…

Ahh come on people!please try to think from the other side of the blue sometimes…..instead of wasting time on this kind of nonsensical thoughts,go get a life ……and clear the barricade for others to live a happy,peaceful life as well……and beyond everything everyone can live his/her life the way he or she wants, as long as the person not committing something unlawful and as long as the person is not literally hurting anyone….

P.S- This is just a thought of mine ,not to be taken personally and it’s not meant to hurt anyone’s religious faith as well

What do you think?

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Written by Umashree


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