Why they question everything I do? Just because I am a woman, just because I don’t protest against their wrong deeds, should they think they can say anything to me or they become any superior to me or stop me from living my life ? Is this a crime to be born as a woman in this region? Why?
Isn’t this against humanity?  isn’t this disrespecting our mother nature?why some people donot understand that a woman is also a human being like her fellow male friends?Why they just cannot trust a woman, when she steps out of the house at night with someone she knows very well, whom she can trust like anything?why they just cannot respect a woman the way she is? Why they make her feel guilty for doing not even a single wrong? Why? Will this kind of torture and discrimination against women ever come to an end? Why some people just don’t understand what kind of a sin they are committing by not letting a woman live her life as per her own terms? Why some people think that going to a bar or wearing short cloths can define a woman’s character in a negative way? Even if at heart she is more decent than any other  so called homely,decent and good  girl?are these too much to ask for????? Yes…. I go to bar, I do late night party with a lot of men around,yes I wear revealing cloths,yes I work,I travel,I spend most of my time with male friends who can do anything to see me happy ,who feel happy in my happiness,who feel at peace when they see me at peace ,who feel sorry for not being able to be with me at the times of my grief .so ????Do these define what kind of a girl I am? Does this mean I am a girl of loose character (as some people name it)?Does this mean I am inviting some  sick guys to rape or grope me? Does this mean I am encouraging some ill mannered people to demean me with their slanderous,derogatory words??
Hhhhhhm…….To the people, who think this way ,for me its a big Shame to have u guys in anyone’s life.Shame!!!! Don’t you people feel disgusting about yourselves? How do you guys see yourselves in the mirror? Don’ t you guys feel ashamed of yourselves?
This is for every person in this globe who thinks discrimination against women has touched the tip of the mountain and it is high time to raise question against each and every wrong, happening to women in present times .

What do you think?

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Written by Umashree


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